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Women's Underwear and Garments - Choose the Best That Suit You!

Women's Underwear and Garments - Choose the Best That Suit You!
By: Mark Taylor Elam

Women's Underwear and Garments - Choose the Best That Suit You!
It is not just necessity that women choose or buy their underwear randomly but now they look for various styles that can suit their body. Women are more conscious about their inner clothes because they give them a feel of confidence. There are varieties of women's underwear and garments that you can choose according to what suits you most.

Women's underwear varieties are available in the latest trend, designs, colors, and styles that run through the seasons. Ladies undergarments are something that all women need and wish to have. Though, the choice of the garments may differ from one woman to another, but the basic necessity remains the same.

Underwear for women is meant to be practical as well as glamorous. You cannot serve the both purposes when it comes to wearing it. For instance, you can wear skimpy in combination with cocktail dress at your home but you may not prefer it wearing at the time of working out at a gym. In this case, you would prefer your garment made from cotton or from something which is stretchable. And therefore, some serve the more practical purpose than the other type of clothing.

In the market, you must have seen varieties of women's underwear meant for different situations. But there are some women who are still in the habit of choosing traditional styles of panties and undergarments for practical reasons. However, there are   rel=nofollow []designer lingerie, Basques and corsets which are immensely popular these days. Whatever style of pattern it may be, but the basic purpose that the underwear should serve is to offer comfort. You can choose that underwear which offer you comfort apart from their stylish look.

When it comes to choosing womens underwear, you will have still great options in terms of styles, materials, and colors. If you think of colors, for example, black color is evergreen and a safe option. Most women choose black color for their underwear because this color gives a more slimming illusion. Moreover, when it comes to choosing the material, you need to consider whether the undergarment or lingerie you are choosing will give you comfort or not.

If you have some confusion regarding making choice, you can purchase some lace panties, a thong or a bra if you wish. The bikini cut can also be a fine choice for you if you are an elderly lady. You can choose boy shorts which are more fashionable and even popular these days because of their sex appeal and comfortable to wear. So, while shopping online, you may go through the best online undergarment stores to make your choice easier.
Women's Underwear and Garments - Choose the Best That Suit You!

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Ladies Underwear - It is More Than Making You Look Sexy

Ladies Underwear - It is More Than Making You Look Sexy
By: Suzi Carr

Fashion to most people is just a word that we think about when we see the latest trends that hit the shops, and it can be anything from cars, IT, home decor and of course, clothing. It covers a wide spectrum and it the same with ladies underwear.
Ladies underwear is also full of trends, designs, colours and styles that run through the seasons. That being said, not all womens' clothing is based on fashion essentials, for example, the garments that are categorized as ladies underwear are simply practical pieces of clothing that most women need, or would like to have.
Underwear can be either glamorous or practical. You might wear something skimpy with a cocktail dress, but you are not going to wear the same thing when it comes to working out in a gym. Chances are you would wear something more practical and most probably something made of cotton.
There are tons of different types of womens' underwear on the market today, and all are for different situations. Yet, the majority of women do tend to own lots of traditional styles of panties and the most comfortable, for practical reasons.

Ladies Underwear - It is More Than Making You Look Sexy

 The main thing for women, when buying underwear for themselves, is comfort. The color and material are usually way down the list of priorities when panty shopping.
When it comes to ladies underwear, there are a multitude of colours, patterns and materials to choose from. It can really be fun shopping for ladies underwear, especially if done from within your own four walls!
The colours you decide to buy will be determined by your choice of decor. Black is always a safe option. Since black gives a slimming illusion, nine out of ten women will love it, and the guys just go crazy about it! You should also consider what material you want your lingerie to be made from and here you will be spoiled for choice. Hence, browsing online is very advantageous, as you surf from one store to another.
These days many fabrics are used to make lingerie, such as silk, satin, lace or cotton. Cotton will make you feel comfortable. Silk is a great choice if you are buying for looks. Lace is in a class of its own. If you are not sure, purchase some lace panties, a thong or a bra maybe - but do remember to keep the noise down if your significant other is around!
Of course, it all depends on who you are purchasing for when shopping for underwear, because it is doubtful you would buy sexy underwear for your mother or a hot thong for your mother-in-law, but you get the idea. Naturally, pregnant women prefer to go with comfortable undergarments, so a sheer bra would be a total no go.
On the other hand, a thong may be a sexy choice if a guy was buying a present for his girlfriend. A woman can still feel just like a lady in a pair of boy shorts. Boy shorts are really fashionable and they are gaining in popularity all the time. They are so comfortable to wear, and the sex appeal is to die for! They are definitely the way to go!
Ladies Underwear - It is More Than Making You Look Sexy
The bikini cut is probably the most recognized. It is kind of like the "old faithful" of ladies underwear as it seems it has been around forever. It has withstood the tests of time and still extremely sought after.
It seems kind of strange if we do not mention a renowned style of panties that are designed for the more seductive side of our lives. The g-string, thong, t-back - whatever you prefer but if you are looking for something that sets you on fire and makes your lover go weak at the knees you really need to put some of these in your panty drawer.
Yes fashion is a colourful business and it helps to brighten up our lives in more way than one, and if you are still in doubt, go shopping for ladies underwear!
Suzi Carr is a wahm that swapped her 9-5 career out some years ago. Besides writing as a ghostwriter for other people, she also writes about her own interests and one is to be found here at [] where you can also read about spa gift certificates [] for yourself or your significant other.

Womens Underwear - A History Of The Bra

Womens Underwear - A History Of The Bra
By: Amanda Cotterill

Today, women's underwear choices are numerous. Matching bra and brief sets are extremely popular, offering the best in both style and function. In fact, these sets seem so basic that it is hard to believe that there was a time when they did not exist. However, modern women's underwear styles are fairly recent inventions. Provided here is a brief guide to the history of the brassiere.

Ancient Cultures

In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, breasts were generally uncovered. Women's underwear was basically unknown. Both men and women wore simple tunic-style garments. However, it was usual to expose the breasts, particularly in Greece, where female breasts had almost mythic significance. Greek women did, however, cover the breasts with tight, supportive bands known as apodesme when competing in athletic activities.

In Ancient Rome, breasts were less emphasized, and both men and women wore loose tunics that covered the chests. Young women sometimes wore a version of the Greek apodesmos, called the strophium, to minimize their breasts. This could be considered an early example of women's underwear.


Contrary to modern mythology, medieval women did not wear bodices designed to enhance the breasts. In fact, it is believed that the Holy Roman Empire specifically forbade women to support their breasts or draw attention to them. Bodices were straight and designed to minimize rather than enhance curves. Women's underwear consisted primarily of simple shifts worn underneath a bodice and full skirt.


Renaissance style was far different than medieval style in many ways. In women's fashion, it became stylish to show d├ęcolletage. Breast feeding was discouraged among the upper classes due to the effect that it could have on the breasts. During this time, rudimentary corsetry developed.

The Age of Corsetry

Once corsets were introduced, they proved to have great staying power. Shapes and styles changed over the years, but the corset remained the women's underwear choice until the late nineteenth century. Of course, there were generally more practical alternatives for women who worked, either inside or outside the home. Even these garments, however, generally resembled corsets but were less compressive.

Clothing Reform Movement

In the late 1800s, two movements began that would ultimately lead to the development of the modern bra. Early feminists recognized that freedom from restrictive women's underwear was necessary before women could take on a larger role in society. Meanwhile, doctors began to recognize the health risks of tightlaced corsetry.

In the late 19th century, numerous patents were filed for breast-supporting corset alternatives. However, many of these designs were never manufactured. Only a handful of educated feminists and female athletes purchased the early bras.

World War I

World War I brought a lot of support for the emerging bra movement. Steel was commonly used for the stays in corsets, but was needed for the war effort. Meanwhile, women went to work in factories and industrial plants in great numbers. Societal attitudes began to change.

The 1920s to the 1960s
Womens Underwear - A History Of The Bra

After the war, the bra became much more accepted. By the late 1920s, it had replaced the corset as the major staple of women's underwear. Shapes and styles changed with fluctuating fashions, but the garment remained largely the same.

Counter Culture

The women's liberation movement of the 1960s led record numbers of women to stop wearing bras altogether. Although bra-burning was likely much less common than urban legends would indicate, many women simply stopped wearing them.

Bra manufacturers fought back by capitalizing on the sexual liberation of the time to introduce increasingly daring alternative styles. It was during this time that women's underwear options dramatically grew.

The 1970s to Today

Today, women's underwear is big business. Sexy lingerie and matching lingerie sets are quite common. Whether you are in the mood for a demure and elegant bra and brief set or something a bit wilder, your options are virtually unlimited.

Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the []sexy lingerie uk market for many years. This article outlines the history of []sexy corsetry as if that needed much explaining! Please include this credit if you use this article.
Womens Underwear - A History Of The Bra

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Basics of Female Underwear Styles

Basics of Female Underwear Styles
By []Lydia Quinn

Female underwear styles come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. A woman can choose from classic cuts to ultra modern styles with more slender cuts and shaping. When it comes to underwear, most women look for the perfect fit and that comfortable, feel good factor. However, many women look for a snug fit that will also look sexy if they should get into an intimate situation.

Female underwear is more than just a bare necessity and when it comes to buying them you should pay special attention to the style, comfort and material. When it comes to choosing underwear, the choice is rather an individual choice than a general one. When it's time to get some new panties or a bra, there are some common points that all women look for and these are comfort, fit, quality, softness and durability.

Female underwear should be purchased depending on the clothing style of the woman. The bikini, boy shorts, thongs, briefs etc are some of the most popular pantie styles that are common and popular among women today. These underwear styles are marketed by leading brands and they are dominating a large majority of the purchase decisions. Female underwear is available primarily in cotton, nylon and silk. When it comes to wearing underwear on a daily basis, cotton is generally the first option. For women who yearn for fancy styles and lace, nylon is the fabric option that they generally opt for. When it comes to luxury and a natural alternative to synthetic and daily fabrics, silk is usually the first choice for women. Silk is also a sexier underwear fit for any initiate situation.

There are even special panties available that are made especially to wear during your period. These panties can be worn comfortably at night, is more breathable, is leak proof and is more resistant to fluids. They are made of special materials and can be easily used with any tampon or pad. These panties, generally called "period panties" are a great choice for any woman who wants to make their period more comfortable. There's also special bras available for things like extra posture support.

Most makers of underwear have also added innovative features like moisture wicking and odor resistance. Many women are very happy with these new features that add to the performance quality and the durability of their underwear choices.

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Article Source: [] Basics of Female Underwear Styles

Bridal Underwear - Four Perfect Pieces for Your Wedding Night

Bridal Underwear - Four Perfect Pieces for Your Wedding Night
By []Imogen Croft

What to wear on your wedding night? The bridal underwear decision causes some head-scratching: do you go for the scary support stuff that'll do a stellar scaffolding job on your dress, or for something you actually, um, like? If you do go for the scaffolding option for the actual day, get something you absolutely love to change into before bed - with a bit of luck, you'll only get one wedding night, so you might as well look great for it! Here's a guide to the best bridal underwear for impressing on your wedding night...

1. Stockings and suspenders

What is it about stockings and suspenders? Perhaps it's the trussed-up quality, or the sheer decadent impracticality of the things, but nothing does more to make a normal set of underwear hot than adding stockings and a suspender belt on top. Go for minimal styles in black or white and make the stockings silk for that extra touch of luxe.

2. Corsets

Corsets accentuate and create jaw-dropping curves, making them absolutely guaranteed to knock your man's socks off on your wedding night. A great corset is an investment piece, so get properly measured up for yours so it fits you like a glove. Popular wedding styles go down the typically white, laced-up Rapunzel route, but if your tastes are a bit more Wicked Queen then you can go mad with colour, patterns, lace, cut-out panels and feather trims...

3. French lingerie

Fans of frills, frou-frou and fantastic frippery rejoice: French lingerie is all you need to look seriously hot on your wedding night. This is pretty much a byword for underwear embellished for saucy effect - go for knickers tied at each side in extravagant silk bows, sheer half-cup bras, babydoll slips and lace-trimmed basques in whites and pastels. Basically, anything that transforms your wedding-night bedroom into a fantasy boudoir.

4. Accessories: garters, playsuits and nipple pasties

So you've got your underwear basics down, but think you could do with a few sexy extras? Time to accessorise. No burlesque-style striptease is complete without nipple pasties, and you can play up to wedding-night traditions by picking out beautiful garters to match your other undies. Consider a playsuit, too: as skimpy all-in-one pieces, they're bound to hot things up.

Imogen Croft is a copywriter and online marketer who loves her lingerie. From stockings and []garters to basques and bridal underwear, it's a passion as much as a profession. (For more bridal underwear see:

Article Source: [] Bridal Underwear - Four Perfect Pieces for Your Wedding Night

Choosing Your Bridal Lingerie

Choosing Your Bridal Lingerie
By []Becca Noori

Many brides-to-be spend so long focussing on choosing their dream wedding dress, that they forget about the details that will accompany their dress. Jewellery, tiaras and flowers may all be accounted for, but what about the perfect set of bridal lingerie to sit beneath your wedding dress?

Here are some tips to help you choose the best set of bridal lingerie to suit your wedding dress:

1. First of all, consider the style of your wedding dress and decide whether you require strapless underwear or whether you need the support of straps. It's normally best to choose your wedding lingerie as soon as you've placed an order for your wedding dress, then you can bring it along to every dress fitting you have so that your bridal assistant will know your plans and be able to work around them. You'll probably want to choose lingerie in a similar colour to your dress, so that the edges of your underwear blend in better, just in case your dress slips during the day. You'd be disappointed if you looked at your wedding photos and discovered a black bra peeping out from underneath your white wedding dress.

2. Depending on the size of your bust and the style of your wedding dress, you may be able to get away without wearing a bra at all beneath your dress. This will normally only work if you're wearing a heavily corseted dress which tends to lift everything up anyway.

3. If your dress isn't corseted and has soft, floaty lines, then consider wearing supportive underwear in order to ensure smooth lines. Also consider the fabric of your underwear. Lacy underwear can cause ridges to be seen beneath your dress, whereas satin is more likely to produce a smoother finish.

4. If your dress is already heavily corseted, then you might be surprised to learn that many wedding dress designers advise you should wear a basque or torsolette beneath the corset to ensure the continuation of smooth lines. This will cover the chest area and extend down until the waist line.

5. If you feel that the cut of your dress is making your chest seem a little flat, then you can remedy this by purchasing a bra or corset with in-built liquid or gel enhancements. These will mould perfectly to your skin producing a natural look.

6. Consider what you would like to wear on your legs. If you're marrying in the heat of summer, then it's possible that you will want to keep your legs bare, but if not, then you might consider wearing hosiery. Depending on how full your dress is, tights can be quite difficult to wear as they're not that easy to pull up when you have a heavily layered wedding dress on. Instead, you might prefer to opt for stockings and a suspender belt which are easy to deal with.

7. It's a slightly embarrassing fact that many brides require some assistance when visiting the bathroom on their wedding day. Bridesmaids are usually called to help with this matter. They'll manage to manoeuvre you onto the toilet without half of your beautiful dress ending up in the toilet water. They can also ensure that you don't tuck your dress into your knickers. With this in mind, you might want to think carefully about what kind of underwear you're willing for your bathroom attendants to see you in. The type of lingerie treats that you might have planned for your husband on your wedding night, might cause you and your bridesmaids some blushes at 5pm during the reception meal, so plan carefully. It will always be possible to change into something a little sexier later on.

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Becca Noori has 3 years in the destination wedding planning business and runs helping couples who are getting married at beautiful overseas venues all around the world.

Article Source: [] Choosing Your Bridal Lingerie

Bridalwear Tips - From Dresses to Bridal Underwear

Bridalwear Tips - From Dresses to Bridal Underwear
By []Imogen Croft

Your wedding is, as well as a few other (quite) important things, a sartorial landmark. When you were little, chances are one of your first dress-up attempts was putting a hankie on your head as a veil and, in the passing years, you'll have wondered at least once what you'd wear to your wedding, even if you never actually planned on marrying. But now you're really doing it. This means it's time to put all those bridal fantasies into action - but what should you put on on the day?

Take a look at the below guide to bridalwear tips to see how to pick a killer dress and what lingerie to wear to make your wedding night sizzle...

The Dress

Your wedding dress is all about personal choice, but there are a few things you can keep in mind that might make it easier to make a decision. Firstly: what you wear doesn't have to be white and strapless with a full skirt. It's a popular style, yes, but if what works for you is something short, coloured or not a dress at all (a tailored suit, for example) then go for it - you know what suits you best and makes you happiest. If you are going down the traditional white dress route, choose a shade of white that looks great with your skin-tone and a shape that suits your body: hour-glasses, for example, look great in cinched-waist styles while athletic types can get away with empire line cuts.

The Lingerie

Bridal underwear is a thing of two halfs: you want pieces that'll give you a fantastic silhouette under your dress, but you also want to look sexy when you take the dress off. Usually, support and sensuality don't go hand-in-hand. That's why a diva-style costume change is recommended if you really want to push the boat out on your wedding night (of course you do). To carry off your dress in style (especially if it's a sleeker cut without a built-in corset), you can create a smoothly defined waist, hips and bottom with proper support knickers. These unattractive-but-genius pants are made of tough elastic material and provide coverage from waist to thigh, whittling out amazing curves. The bra you pick should be entirely dependent on the shape of your dress: bandeau-style uplift for strapless dresses, multi-way for one-shoulder styles and plunge for low-cut numbers. Pop on a traditional garter and you're good to go. After the dress comes off, you can go for sexy style over substance: pour yourself into a corset, whip on stockings and suspenders and replace those control knickers with French briefs...

Imogen Croft is a copywriter and online marketer who loves her luxury   lingerie. From suspenders and stockings to basques and bridal underwear, it's a passion as much as a profession. (For more bridal underwear ideas see:

Article Source: [] Bridalwear Tips - From Dresses to Bridal Underwear